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We are a global platform in which healthcare professionals interact around real clinical cases based on medical images. InsightMedi aims to foster the healthcare community by providing innovative ways to share, update, and expand their knowledge.


Capture, edit, classify, and share with a community of thousands of healthcare professionals, of all specialties, coming from more than 80 countries.

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We ensure HIPAA compliance through the Security Rule, the Privacy Rule, and the Breach Notification Rule on the Google Cloud Platform, within the BAA.

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On iPhone

Leverage the convenience of mobile devices to capture & share your cases right from your phone. InsightMedi is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

And Android

As well as from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Discover the power of collaboration with experts from all over the globe right from your Android phone or tablet.


For Institutions

InsightMedi for Institutions is a novel cloud-based platform for healthcare providers to share, in a secure space, patient cases for discussion and exchange of critical information.

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The Team

InsightMedi exists because the people behind the company firmly believe there are endless possibilities to improve healthcare using technology. The challenges this principle brings to us stimulate our desire to act, to create, to innovate, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Juan González
CEO and Co-founder

(+34) 672.172.383
Juan González

Luis Rodrigues
CTO and Co-founder

(+34) 616.253.125
Luis Rodrigues

Gabriel Pizá
Medical Advisor and Co-Founder

Gabriel Pizá

Jordan Lynn
Operations and Marketing Manager

(+34) 673.222.852
Jordan Lynn

Gonzalo Mora
Medical Advisor and Co-Founder

Gonzalo Mora


Get in touch with our team today and explore all the possibilities that the Institutional version of InsightMedi can offer to your Hospital, University, or Scientific Society.

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Meet Our Partners

Without the help from our partners and investors it would be impossible to develop our product, grow our community, and reach our goals.

TopSeeds Lab
May, 2014 Our First Acceleration Program

TopSeeds Lab was the first team that ever put any trust in InsightMedi, a newly created startup focused on healthcare that no one had heard of at the beginning of 2014. We got into the program as the winners of Roche's Pharma Talent competition.

The TopSeeds Lab team not only was the first one to believe in our project, but they have invested on follow up rounds and helped us connect to key members of the Spanish startup ecosystem through the years.

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Johns Hopkins University
January, 2015 One of the Biggest Names in Healthcare

Part of the DreamIt Ventures fund, Johns Hopkins University came to InsightMedi as an early investor and a great brand association partner for a small, foreign startup initiating activities in the U.S. market.

Johns Hopkins was a key stakeholder for InsightMedi's initial education process in everything related to HIPAA Compliance, and the U.S. healthcare regulations. Conversation with both legal teams and the Hospital's Chief Compliance Officer helped us gain a deeper understanding of the requirements every company needed to meet when pursuing business opportunities in the country.

More About Johns Hopkins University

DreamIt Ventures
January, 2015 Landing in the United States

On January 2015, we all flew to Baltimore to participate in DreamIt’s Acceleration Program. This move would be the first step in our strategy to open our offices in the U.S.

Working with prestigious Institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University, The Abell Foundation, and BioHealth Innovation has given us a great insight into the healthcare ecosystem in the United States. It is our privilege to be able to have them as partners, and investors in our company.

More About DreamIt Ventures

BioHealth Innovation
January, 2015 The Baltimore Ecosystem

Yet another partner with great potential that came out of the DreamIt Fund, BioHealth Innovation is a Maryland-based public-private partnership led by industry. As a regional innovation intermediary, its primary mission is to create and grow commercially relevant biohealth companies by providing them with access to funding, management, and industry partners.

BioHealth Innovation has served as a hub of local connections to the Baltimore startup ecosystem, and our team is constantly looking for opportunities to create new relationships leveraging the vast list of partners on BHI's business graph.

More About BioHealth Innovation

Temple University
March, 2016 Market Validation Through a Joint Venture

Our relationship with the Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple started late in 2014. The School reached out to InsightMedi to discuss the possibility of applying the technology we've developed to the Dentistry niche, and provide access through all types of devices. A bold proposal considering our focus, priorities, and limited capacity to take into new projects at the time.

Finally, early in 2016 we closed a collaboration agreement to develop what today is the Institutional version of InsightMedi focused on Dentistry. Temple has called it InsightDenti and it has been an amazing experience to work with the School's team to create a product that became our first sign of market validation.

InsightDenti is unique in that it empowers users to share, easily and securely, patient cases for learning, calibration, and clinical advice. Amid I. Ismail, Dean of Temple’s Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry.

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June, 2015 Support from The Local Government

One of the added benefits to participating in an acceleration program is the direct access to people who know how to take advantage of local funding programs. That was exactly what happened when the team at TopSeeds Lab introduced us to the Entrepreneurs Financial Aid programs of ENISA, a government entity aimed to provide funding to innovative and economically viable projects in Spain.

InsightMedi was granted a no-collaterals loan from ENISA with great rates and a flexible payment plan. Exactly the type of deal young companies need to have a chance at tackling the great challenges of being an entrepreneur.

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